Attempts at Solutions

The Prevail Project is looking for a few good people to accelerate the impact of this organization. Moderators: People who can spark conversations in our groups with their own postings, […]

Look, I’m not much of an abstract thinker. In my field—trying to do something about global warming, the worst problem the planet has ever faced—I’ve long since figured out what […]

Google achieved dominance in the search engine market through a simple algorithm, PageRank, that made it easy for people to find information in an increasingly complex and deep internet. I […]

Recommendation agents pay a minor, but increasingly important role in our lives. Whether it’s Amazon’s book recommendations, or Netflix, Pandora Radio, or Google Search, we rely on algorithms and computers […]

For most of the planet’s population, migration is not an option. Even as sea levels rise and deserts expand, resettling hundreds of millions or billions of refugees is not politically […]

Games have been on my mind more than usual lately, both because of Jane McGonigal’s new book Reality is Broken, and Bruce Sterling’s review of The Art of Game Design. […]