Charles Manson kills people. I talk. Everyone has a talent.

  Stop trying to slap that cigarette out of someone’s mouth and instead thank them for smoking.  Smoking may cause cancer, but smokers are telling us how to beat it. […]

Of Miracles & Monoliths

Humans. What defines us a species on this planet? To be fair, there’s really no one right answer. Love, friendship, law, government, war…answering with any or all of the above […]

My Brother is an Idiot

He’ll show up to the party late and talk a big game but then drink too much and promptly pass out in the shower with the water running. I don’t […]

not an accurate deptiction

The Moon may hold the promise of unlimited safe energy on Earth and beyond.  We should all pay more attention to our little siblings. In my experience, they’re usually quieter, […]

A rag-tag but growing collection of Prevailists are beginning to fight back against a technological revolution that they see as having gone astray, according to this article in The Washington […]