Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Prevail Project.

Member: Simply sign up to comment on articles, connect with the Prevail Project community, and join the conversation.

Moderator: Prevail Project Moderators are responsible for keeping lively and useful the group conversations they are most interested in, attracting new members and participants, and ensuring that the Prevail Project continues to be a community by enforcing its standards.  If you would like to become a moderator, please emailing us at with your areas of interests and qualifications.

Fellow: Prevail Project Fellows are the heart and soul of this endeavor. Fellows volunteer to write articles, track down news on What’s Being Born, catalog Attempts At Solutions, lead discussions, and guide thinking about the long view. If you would like to become a Prevail Project Fellow, please email us at with your areas of interests and qualifications.

Brain Trust:  The Prevail Project Brain Trust is the group of the most insightful thinkers we know regarding our ambitious quest to accelerate humanistic response to technological change, not unlike a board of directors.

Angel:  Those who would like to contribute resources to making The Prevail Project possible, joining our current Angels, which include the leadership of Arizona State University and its Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.