Attempts at Solutions

The Prevail Project is the worldwide clearing house for news about how humans are trying to shape technological change, rather than be shaped by it. This species has a long way to go, and a short time to get there. A critical response is to collect every solution that is being attempted, and get the news out as fast as possible about what is working. This section celebrates the people, organization, and plans that are bringing into being a new world.

A rag-tag but growing collection of Prevailists are beginning to fight back against a technological revolution that they see as having gone astray, according to this article in The Washington […]

We try and stay out of partisan politics here at the Prevail Project, because nobody is right on the internet and everybody goes home with their feelings hurt. The Democratic […]

When the idea for creating The Prevail Project first formed, I wondered if I could get away with calling it “The Institute for Ethical Magic.” As my daughters were growing […]