The non-violent revolution in the Middle East is spreading

With all the attention focused on Libya right now, there are stories that you might be missing. In Hebron, 1300 peace activists marched down Shuhada Street, long blocked off to Palestinians by the Israeli army. At the critical moment, something fantastic happened. “Crowd dispersal squads loyal to the Palestinian Authority (PA) came and formed a human chain in front of the marchers. The ordinary people in the crowd and the organizers were astonished – some even had tears in their eyes. They wanted to continue the nonviolent march, and were all ready to be beaten and arrested by Israeli soldiers. Yet, none of them anticipated being confronted by Palestinian security forces. An organizer yelled out to the masses: “Let’s not give the Israeli military the pleasure of seeing us being beaten and arrested by our own brothers. We are not ready for this…” Read the rest at PolicyMic.

((As an aside, PolicyMic is fascinating project in and of itself. Founded by a group of dedicated and brilliant recent graduates, the whole is to foster a space where young people can engage in policy debate without the rancor of partisanship. Check it out, it deserves your support))

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