The Art of the Long View

This is where the Prevail Project gathers strategic thinking. If “Attempts at Solutions” collects tactics, here we think about the big ideas that might help us prevail through the 21st century. What have you read that’s shifted your paradigm today?

There are three fundamental principles for the Prevail scenario: 1. The future is not predictable; uncertainty trumps technological determinism. Prediction is a fool’s errand. That’s why we need multiple scenarios […]

Thirty years ago I wrote Taming the Tiger about our conflicted attitude towards technology: we distrust machines, even as we rely on them; we are always surprised by the unintended […]

I have in front of me a late 1960s advertisement from the Burroughs Corporation. It shows a sketch of a guy — in a snappy suit and crisp haircut — […]

Avail to Prevail

“Prevail Project” is about the subtle and interesting notion that some day soon, some of us may not be human. My readers are presumably human, and so might find this […]

THE BEGINNING OF INFINITY from jason silva on Vimeo. Consider. Consider the power of Mind to reshape Matter. Consider the notion that evolution has escape the biological to infect the […]

You’re probably familiar with Jaron Lanier. VR pioneer, musician, author of You Are Not a Gadget and far too many articles to mention. He’s also the inspiration for the Prevail […]

Twelve deep thinkers over at The Edge have a series on risk after the Fukushima disaster. I won’t try and reproduce the complexity and subtlety of their arguments, but risk […]