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On the occasion of the end of the war in Iraq

By Dr. Richard O’Meara

On December 15, 2011, the last US flag was cased and the War in Iraq was declared over. It is well to remember that since the end of WWII, wars have ended without much fanfare and with a great deal of ambiguity regarding what the idea of victory means. Korea is still in a military truce, Vietnam is now one of America’s largest trading partners, the Gulf War ended in a truce as well, setting up the conditions for a second conflict. Change is inevitable yet the definition of what victory is remains elusive. Those who serve us in ambiguous times are worthy of considerable respect; they constantly show up and do the work even as the rest of us sit idly by. Kudos Iraqi veterans and thank you for your service!

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How Can Leadership Strengthen Crisis Management?

Welcome to the brave new world of accelerating change.  The 21st century is throwing up different types of crises at a breathtaking and unprecedented pace with domino effects.  Hall marks of such crises include:  loss of trust; rapid-fire news updates; collapsing confidence and revenue; drastic loss of market share; plunging management credibility; and high volatility in stock price and perceived value.