Community Standards

    Community Standards:

The Prevail Project aims to cultivate a civil, positive site culture. As such, please assume that other people are acting in good faith, and avoid harsh or abusive language. Remember that people of all races, creeds, genders, and political affiliations use this website.
1) Respect the other users of the Prevail Project. Do not make personal attacks through any features of this site.
2) Accurately represent yourself. Do not impersonate other people, or make provocative claims for the purposes of “trolling”
3) Abide by the law, including intellectual property law.
4) The moderator team reserves the right to warn, suspend, or ban any user of the Prevail Project who is harming the culture of this site. If you believe you have been unfairly banned, appeal to the administration at

    Writer’s Guidelines:

Good writing is very important for the Prevail Project. We rely on our writers to track down good ideas, interesting stories, and workable solutions, and share them with the community. With that, some guidelines:
1) Write well. Use complete sentences, proofread, and try and bring an element of fun and style.
2) If you quote somebody else’s piece, link to it and cite them. Don’t plagiarize.
3) Think about your audience. Many people on the Prevail Project have specialized knowledge, most do not. Assume that you’re writing for both audiences.
4) Avoid partisanship. While much of what is happening today relates to politics, the Prevail Project is strictly non-partisan. If you want to write about how terrible Barack Obama or Sarah Palin are, do it somewhere else. Same goes for computer holy wars (Mac vs PC), real religions, and anything else you can think of in that vein.
5) Prevail Project uses the Embedly plugin, so if you would like to embed images or video, just use the url.
6) Remember to tag and categorize your posts.

    Admin’s and Mod’s Guidelines:

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