Questioning Technology

Kevin Kelly over at The Technium got an interesting request from a reader: what questions about technology would you ask a Chinese peasant?

The 15 questions.

Would your grandparents be happy or worried about today’s technology?

Is it possible to have too much technology?

Can you tell me what the internet is? What is your description?

What kinds of problems today do you expect technology will solve in 5 years?

Is there a technology you think we should un-invent?

If you could implant your phone into your head, would you?

What does China need to become the world’s center of technological innovation?

Are there any downsides to having lots of cheap technology?

What’s one invention you wish scientists would invent today?

What’s more important to your town or village: to have a hospital or to have cell phone coverage?

What are computers good for?

Should China save the old traditional ways of doing things, or just use the modern ways?

Are children getting smarter or dumber?

If you could have a car but it made the air hard to breath, would you get one?

What invention invented during your lifetime surprised you (did not expect) the most?

These are all good questions, and if I might add a few of my own.

16) Where does technological change come from?

17) Do you trust the people and corporations responsible for your technology?

18) Can you imagine going through a day without using 20th century technology?

19) Do you think you are keeping up with the pace of technology?

20) Is technological change making the world a better place?

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