Video of the Week

They’re everywhere! Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have done some amazing work with formation flying drones (make sure to check out the obstacle avoidance at the end). Smarter flying […]

Time Lapse From Space – Literally. The Journey Home. from Fragile Oasis on Vimeo. Via Wired Science, astronaut Ron Garan made an amazing 7 minute time lapse video of Earth […]

via YouTube Carl Sagan would have been 77 today.  Sagan, better than anybody else, understood both the insignificance of <i>homo sapiens</i> in the cosmic scheme of things, and of the […]

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo. When we say flock-like behavior, this is what we mean. The starlings don’t see the whole picture, they only see their neighbors. But […]

THE BEGINNING OF INFINITY from jason silva on Vimeo. Consider. Consider the power of Mind to reshape Matter. Consider the notion that evolution has escape the biological to infect the […]

To these Thai fruit vendors, a train roaring through the middle of their makeshift market, coming inches away from their lychees — and their toes — is just another part […]