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    How can we think critically about the future? This group is about the tools and resources we have to peer ahead, prepare to respond quickly, and bring future-oriented ideas into the public spheres.

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  • Group logo of Jobs
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    Life without a job is tough. Not just the lack of money, but also the lack of self-worth, of relevance. Unemployment is high, doesn’t seem to be going down, and technology is replacing good jobs with temporary […]

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  • Group logo of Endless Energy
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    There’s enough oil and coal to shake and bake this planet, unfortunately. But it’s getting more expensive and these molecules are much too useful and versatile to just burn. So how do we accelerate the path away from today?

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  • Group logo of Recommend Books, Videos and Change Agents
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    The place to talk about the books, videos, and change agents on our Resources page, and recommend additions to the list.

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  • Group logo of Accelerating Intelligence -- Human and Machine
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    As stock markets become the playthings of clever machines, and flying robots over Afghanistan are herded by humans in Las Vegas, the distinction blurs between the made and the born. This is the group for news and […]

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  • Group logo of Virality
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    How do ideas spread, both good and bad? If we’re going to Prevail into the future, we’re going to need to change a lot of minds very quickly. This is the spot to work out new ways to leverage the power of ideas […]

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  • Group logo of Learning and Education
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    Everyone knows that learning must never stop throughout our lifetimes, at the same time that our schools are failing even our kids. So what kind of system would we create if we started with a blank slate? Is […]

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  • Group logo of Human Enhancement
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    The genetics, robotics, information and nano revolutions are profoundly aimed inward at modifying our minds, memories, metabolisms, personalities, and progeny. If we can do all that, we’ve become capable of […]

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  • Group logo of Politics
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    The Prevail Project is non-partisan, but we’re definitely part of the more than 90% of American who disapprove of the job that Congress is doing. We’ve got an 18th century constitution and a 20th century […]

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  • Group logo of Climate Change
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    We can’t seem to reduce carbon admissions. Yet the weather gets worse and most of the world’s cities are on fragile coasts. So what are the answers? Geoengineering – intentionally changing the atmosphere, for […]

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  • Group logo of Health and Wellness
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    We’re getting smarter about our health. Advances in genetics, robotics, bioinformatics and nanotechnology are leading to diagnostic devices and treatments that once only existed in science fiction. In the Star […]

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  • Group logo of Stronger, Faster Communities
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    Creating vibrant communities quickly – both local and global – is hard. Yet nothing is more crucial to guiding the path of human history in a bottom-up way. This group considers the tools and resources we have to […]

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  • Group logo of Ethics and Morality
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    Now that humans can do just about anything they want, including manipulating matter, nature and life, what should we do, and why? A separate but related question: is it possible for humans to discuss morality […]

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  • Group logo of Migration
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    The United States accepts more legal immigrants per year than the rest of the world combinedYet from Germany to the Netherlands to France to Arizona, migration is a burning issue. Your assignment: deal with the […]

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  • Group logo of Equity and Development
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    Much of Asia made it out of underdevelopment in the last generation. Are Africa and Arabia following? What about the left-behind in the developed world? What approaches work fastest? How can people become more […]

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  • Group logo of Conflict
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    The good news is that, as Steven Pinker has observed, the carnage from warfare has actually been going down over the centuries, even if the number of battles beamed into our living rooms has gone up. Can it be […]

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