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Lots of people worldwide are engaged in shaping the human cultural response to rapid change. They are the people who are trying the bend upwards the second curve – the social response to the first curve of exponential change in the genetic, robotic, information and nano revolution. This is the place we collect information about where they are meeting, what they’re thinking about, and who they are.

The Prevail Project is looking for a few good people to accelerate the impact of this organization. Moderators: People who can spark conversations in our groups with their own postings, […]

Submit applications BEFORE March 31, 2010 –  Synthetic Aesthetics seeks participants for a project on synthetic biology, design and aesthetics. The project will provide funding to bring together scientists and […]

August 18-20, 2010 Abstracts for presentations from knowledgeable professionals in industry, government, military, public education and academia are solicited to provide presentations which would be part of a comprehensive conference […]