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Surprising Social Media Tricks To Try

Social media channels have undoubtedly turned into some of the most inspired choices when it comes to quickly sharing news, events, information, and content online. Business managers can therefore make the most of these tools to boost the social media presence of their companies and small firms, increase their rates of engagement and constantly attract brand new visitors/customers/clients/prospects. Here are several smart social media tricks that should help you get a move on.

Make The Most Of Your FB Compliments

In other words, take advantage of the compliments your Facebook fans are writing and let the whole world see them. Avoid having positive feedback and comments be hidden by the Recent Posts by Others option. Use the Activity Log under All Activity and select the Posts by Others option. Make sure the pencil-shaped icon located to the right of the post is clicked and the Allowed on page option is properly checked. That should do the trick!

Use The Power Of Instagram

Use Instagram to discover whether your customers are sharing photos taken right inside the location of your business venue. Get to know which are the features your customers appreciate most about your business. You can also use the following trick: take some photos of your business headquarters, edit them and turn the Add to Photo Map option on when asked. Tap on the Name this Location option and share the photos. You will this way get to see all the Instagram photos that have been tagged with your location. Use this information to better engage with your customers just like you can use this link here to look at the size of the current EuroJackpot lottery price and engage in buying your inline lottery tickets for the upcoming draw. Register and you will enjoy a 1+1 free welcome bonus deal, just like you could enjoy additional customers and prospects attracted by your existing Instagram photo posting clients.


Road Safety Tips For Commercial Drivers

No matter what sort of a vehicle you might be driving, road safety is an imperative must. Maintaining a high degree of driving awareness and knowing and fully complying with all the set of road safety rules and regulations of the place you are in are mandatory. Driving a truck triggers even more risks as commercial drivers often times confront with harsh weather, other motored vehicle drivers on the road, and wildlife perils. They need to pay attention to their heavy loads, large rigs, and so often dangerous cargo. It is needless to say that even the slightest error could lead to some unwanted repercussions. Here are a few useful tips that should help commercial drivers stay on the safe side.

Tips That Could Make A Difference

When signaling, do it early when approaching intersections. This way, you will make sure that he rest of drivers will understand your intention of changing your direction in the traffic. Minimize your lane changing as much as possible; because of the large number of blind spots a truck has, it is recommended to check the side mirrors every 10 seconds the least. Keep your cool and patience at all times and avoid tailgating. Keep the right space between you and the vehicle in front of you on the road, as most truck accidents occur because of tailgating. Have a set of have tire chains on you at all times and keep the windows closed if you need to idle so you can avoid being exposed to fumes. If you want to be exposed to some nice gains, on the other hand, you can visit site pages of the LadbrokesPartners and find out everything about their latest promotions and affiliate programs. Make sure you have plenty of time and also space to slow down and completely stop the truck. Always use your brake lights at an early stage of the process.


Choosing the Best Dance School

Whether it’s taking your child along to their very first dance lessons, or trying to choose a dance school which will elevate your career in dance, there are a few choices which need to be made in order to ensure you pick the right place for you or your child.

Of course as one of the worlds renowned dance centers, we are obviously biased towards the Broadway Dance Center as a top choice, however there are points you need to consider whether you choose to dance with us or not.

Although everything is online these days, from dance and theatre schools to bingo and casinos, it’s not wise to merely choose based on the website or online review. Unlike choosing the best bingo site, dance schools are more than just about striking websites with flash offers and good reviews on comparison sites. Whilst these things are definitely all positives, and you should keep online reviews in mind, you should also be paying a visit to the school to meet the faculty and see the facilities for yourself (which is obviously you can’t do with a bingo site!).

This gives you an idea of what you or your child will get to experience – especially if you visit during term or when a class is on. Even if it’s outside of class hours, you can still get a look at the quality of facilities, see how the timetable pads out and talk to some staff for reassurances and recommendations. If you can, make a point of going to see a production or display too, as again this will give you an idea of what you’d be working towards and what would be expected of you.

It also pays to do a little research into the achievements of the school or alumni. Has the school or its staff won any relevant awards? Is the school highly acclaimed? If the alumni have gone on to greater things whether in the state or overseas, this has a positive impact on what you can expect to achieve once you have studied at the school.

These are just a few of the things you should bear in mind when choosing a dance school. There are other things to consider depending on your personal preferences, including location, budgets and scholarships. However the above are the main things to take into account, regardless of personal circumstance, in order to ensure you get the best out of your dance school.

The Importance Of Good Publicity For Casino Hotels

Hotel casinos pay special attention to planning their promotional events that attract more guests interested in gambling in their top casinos. While cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City should have no trouble attracting passionate players from all corners of the world willing to spend a few nights there and gamble non-stop, cities that are not traditionally known for their gambling features need a little extra work. Having someone to handle their PR needs and professionally managing their advertising and promotional activities is mandatory and our team is here to cater to your every need. We encourage you to get in touch with us whether you need general counseling or practical step-by-step guidance in terms of promotional event planning, Public Relations and everything else that can help you make your venue known, heard of, and visited.


The Role Of A Promotions Coordinator

The advertising and promotional events a casino hotel need to plan well ahead need to be managed by a promotions coordinator along with the hotel manager and other specialists such as the PR and entertainment, advertising, marketing, and special events managers. The promotions coordinator needs to work together with all possible media outlets, including online and offline media and get the right interviews, cover stories, publicity, photo opportunities and any other form of advertising possible. Press releases also often times fall into the hands of these professionals; wanting to use a famous athlete or actor passionate about poker or some other form of gambling to attract more players to one’s hotel-casino facility is an idea that has often times been used by many popular casinos worldwide. Having their image be associated with that of a world-known celebrity figure is prone to create a great deal of publicity around them.


A lottery game like EuroJackpot online on the other hand can use different types of promotional strategies to attract more players. The managers of this lottery game can also associate their brand with a known public figure or another popular brand or they can focus on the size of their constant jackpots – huge players’ magnets. EuroJackpot for example is currently featuring a 10 million Euros jackpot which is often times reason enough for many European players to purchase their tickets on a weekly basis – without any need for the game to be promoted a great deal. With so many excellent online venues like LotteryMaster where tickets can be bought online, the simplicity in playing the game and buying tickets from the comfort of one’s home are enough to keep players excited.



Take Control of Life


The world is changing and we all know it. Technology is taking over our lives. We are constantly buried in our smartphones, tablets and other technological devices that take our attention off of the real world. has the main goal of bringing us all together and collect the early warning signs that the future is being taken over by something we cannot control and that the fate of human nature is hanging in the balance. They believe that technology is ruining the society, which they may be right. They believe that there are three scenarios that include heaven, hell and prevail. In heaven, their inventions will conquer pain, suffering and stupidity. In Hell, their creators will wipe out the human race or life as we know it and prevail which argues that the first two are technodeterministic. On their website, you can see that there are blogs that you can read and different types of resources for their readers. They want everyone to know that the human race will continue to prevail, shape their own futures until their own demise, rather than being the end result of powerful technology. At this rate, technology is definitely growing at a rapid pace and the world as we know it will be forever changed and overrun by the ever-expanding technological advances. Yes, this may be great for medical advances, but as for society, it is a lost cause. 
The Prevail Project homepage

What Hasn't Changed
We see change every day, whether it is at home, school or work. One thing that we can say that never seems to change is the locksmith service. They seem to keep the same traditions that they always have. Let's take a look at what a locksmith really does and what effect they have on society. The locksmith service has been around for centuries, unlike cell phones and social media. Locksmiths started out using only their hands to make their locks and keys. Now, they may have a machine and power tools, but that is about it. There are no real technological advances that have been made in the locksmith industry. Yes, they use machines to make their keys, but they still have to use their hands and general knowledge to change a lock or install a security system. They still rely on their hands to do most of the work, unlike a cell phone or tablet. Today, we can just tell our cell phone where we want to go and it will give us directions. Locksmiths still need to use physical strength to help those in need. If someone needs a lock keyed, they call their locksmith and they come to help them out. Not only will they come to you 24/7, but they will do whatever they need to do before they have to replace something and charge you even more than you wanted. Unlike other businesses, locksmiths have a passion for what they do. They aren't out promoting their business on social media websites like other big businesses. They take pride in their work and do not let technology get in their way of what they are really meant for. What kind of technology is going to help someone who is locked out of their house? None, that is why the locksmith still exists. If you are looking for a good locksmith, check out You will find all the locksmiths in your area and you can go from there whenever you may need one.

Technology is rapidly advancing and we all know it and there is nothing we can do to slow it down. The people who created want us to know that we do not have to bow down to technology and let it take over our lives. We should not give in to the technology and shape our own future that does not include the new technology. Our world is being transformed and in order to keep up, we need to intent our own futures, not the future that technology is making for us. 


Creating a Better and Brighter Future

Creating a Better and Brighter Future

While others think that the future is dim because of the existence of technology, many people still thinks that despite the advancements that we are experiencing these days, it is still possible to have a better and brighter future ahead. How so? The most important thing here is your attitude. Remember that your future can bring in more power compared to your memories of the past.


Past as Part of Your Future


Well, you may have had some rough challenges during your childhood. Many children experience difficult situations, such as being bullied, or perhaps the seemingly indignant injustice within the family. True, all those events may be painful and life changing. They sew together deep cuts into the very depths of your soul, making up the person that you are today.

However, you should never allow things that happened in the past to determine what your future holds. Why? First of all, you were created in God’s image; an image of creativity. Therefore, you are given the chance to be creative and create a good path to your future. As far as creation goes, only human beings have the capability to change whatever situation you are tied in currently.

For instance, many people tend to do what they love to do. Some engage in activities that they love doing. Read more on and review online gambling entertainment that are available for people who choose to enjoy life at it is, with the help, of course, of technology. Other people never let their past stop what they want to be in the future. Experience is a good teacher, but it is not all it is. Therefore, make sure to consider what you really want to be in the future, create goals, and work hard in order to meet them.


The Center for Science and the Imagination

Gentle Readers,

For the past year, Arizona State University and best-selling science-fiction author Neal Stephenson have been working together on a plan to use science-fiction to reignite America’s ability to undertake major infrastructure projects.  You can see Neal and ASU President Michael Crow talking about this at Google’s SolveforX event, and it’s finally come to fruition with the beta launch of the ASU Center for Science and the Imagination.  This is some very cool stuff, since Science Fiction is Technology Assessment for the Rest of Us, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I’ll let the Center’s director Ed Finn speak for himself.

Dear All,

I’d like to update you on the latest news about the proposed Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University.

Hieroglyph Site Beta Launch

The beta launch of starts this evening with an announcement by Neal Stephenson at the EG Conference in Monterey, CA. The site is a collaboration between ASU and Stephenson’s Hieroglyph group. It will bring together science fiction writers, scientists, engineers, technologists, and the general public to think big and explore radical ideas through collaborative projects.

As early supporters of ASU’s partnership with Hieroglyph I encourage you to create a user account, explore the site’s Discussion Forums and Wiki, and share the site with anyone who might be interested in the project. If you are interested in actively contributing to the site collaborations, please let me know and I will make sure your user account has contributor-level access.

The site will continue to evolve over the coming weeks and months, and we will be making our own formal announcement about the Center for Science and the Imagination and Hieroglyph later this spring. During this beta phase, please share your feedback about the project and website on the Hieroglyph forums or with me directly.
Food for Thought/Interesting News
Here are a few recent articles exploring issues related to the Center’s mission that you might enjoy.
Putting Science in the Movies: A Conversation with Contagion’s Scott Z. Burns, Ed Finn, Slate
NASA Invests In Satellites That Beam Power Down to Earth, Rebecca Boyle, Popular Science
The Space Craze That Gripped Russia Nearly 100 Years Ago, Adam Mann, Wired

Thanks as ever for your support.



Drone Swarm

They’re everywhere! Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have done some amazing work with formation flying drones (make sure to check out the obstacle avoidance at the end).

Smarter flying robots are going to be a vital part of the future. They’re getting cheaper and more capable every day, and not everybody needs a multi-million dollar intercontinental spy to take out terrorists. The founders of the Genocide Intervention Network suggest that drones could be used by activists to record and prevent crimes against humanity and the environment. The Guardian reports that the UK drone industry is lobbying for special airspaces and colors to designate drones serving in the public interest. And futurist and security expert John Robb has been running a great series on how swarming drones are unstoppable by any weapon other than more drone swarm,s and that drones represent a new tool for diplomatic policy, “comply or die.”

What’s in store for the future of drones? I don’t know, but for politicians, police, and the paparazzi, drones are just too useful to give up. Keep watching the skies!

Mayor Bloomberg Will Learn How To Write Code In 2012

We all make New Year’s Resolutions, but Mayor Bloomberg is going beyond the standard promise to eat better and exercise more. As reported by TPM.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been increasingly vocal about his love for all things tech over the past few years, but now he’s taking it a whole new level. On Thursday, Bloomberg (the real one) tweeted that his new year’s resolution was to learn how to write code using the handy, free, game-like online courses offered by New York’s own Codecademy.

“My New Year’s resolution is to learn to code with Codecademy in 2012! Join me. #codeyear,” Bloomberg tweeted, instantly moving the hashtag #Codeyear into the top trending terms on Twitter in the New York City area.

I think this is a fascinating project. Computers have moved from big complex machines to a ubiquitous part of our environment. Basic computer skills, like installing programs, using anti-virus software, and setting up a wireless network, are the oil change and handy-man repairs of the 21st century. But going beyond user-friendly interfaces and delving into code, language, syntax, and math means developing whole new ways of thinking. Politicians are frequently derided for having no practical skills-there are only a handful of scientists in Congress, compared to a horde of engineers-,but getting involved with technology is a important part of understanding and becoming comfortable with technology.

Governments today clearly fear the potential of the internet to create chaos more than they value it’s ability to foster creativity. In the US, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act remains a crude attempt to force 19th century standards of intellectual property onto 21st century technology, while privacy protections for emails don’t extend to anything stored on the Cloud (sorry gmail). France can cut a person’s internet access after 3 attempts at privacy, while the UN argues that Internet access should be a basic human right. And this doesn’t even scratch the kind of censorship and surveillance that authoritarian nations like China and Iran are involved in. The whole legal environment is adding up to what Cory Doctorow calls “A war on general purpose computing.”

I’m not an uncritical internet evangelist, but free systems are better than closed systems. Compare all the innovation, growth, and energy around the American ARPAnet with the close (and now-defunct) French Minitel. Hopefully, more computer savvy politicians will also be more computer friendly politicians.

A Year In Prevail

What a year it’s been! Starting with the little things, the Prevail Project itself has been active for about a year, running in stealth mode for most of that time. But we launched (and I invite you to check out our amazing featured guest posts). But anything that we’ve done is small potatoes compared to the changes that happened in the world.

A year ago, professional intelligence analysts thought that Belgium was more likely to experience political turmoil than Egypt. Then the Arab Spring happened, and ordinary people rose up and overthrew governments across the region. In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, dictators fell like dominoes. In Bahrain, protesters were crushed with overwhelming force, and in Syria the battle rages on. Just compare Foreign Policy’s top 100 global thinkers in 2011 and 2009, and you can see the kind of change that nobody foresaw. The Arab Spring was echoed by protests worldwide, most notably the Occupy movement in the United States, anti-austerity riots in Greece, and the first mass protests in Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. This is the kind of people power that hasn’t been seen since 1968, and possible even since 1848, years which shook the old order.

If networks and bottom-up ideas had a banner year in 2011, centralized institutions managed not to fall apart completely. Congress’s brinkmanship over raising the debt ceiling dropped America’s credit rating from AAA to AA, not that financial markets have appeared to notice. The European Union could’t come to a decision on the Greek debt crisis, casting the very future of the EU into doubt. And in Durban, the IPCC agreed to come to an agreement about global carbon emissions in 2015, with binding limits coming into effect in 2020. It’s been a lousy year for experts and elites, and if you know of any centralized decision-making bodies that haven’t made complete fools of themselves recently, I’d love to hear about them.

The only group that came out worse than experts were authoritarian leaders. Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt were forced out of office by popular revolutions. Qaddafi was shot by rebel forces. Kim Jong Il died. And after 3 terms, Silvo Berluscion was forced to resign under a cloud of corruption and scandal. If I were a colorful authoritarian leader, I’d be watching my back.

As for what happens next in the world, who knows? The Arab Spring could quite possibly lead to another round of dictators or theocrats. Some vital cog in the global economic system could come undone, with catastrophic results. But personally, I’m hopefully. The refrain of the self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe, whether economic wizards or brutal dictators, has always been “There is no alternative.” If there’s one lesson that we’ve learned from 2011, it’s that there are lots of alternatives. 2011 was a year to dream and deconstruct. 2012 will be a year to learn and grow.

Whatever happens, we’re living in interesting times. And the Prevail Project is here to nurture a human future.

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