What’s Being Born

The world is on tumble-dry. Upheaval is everywhere. But put that aside for a moment. Let’s focus instead on what is being born – both good and bad, and sometimes both. What are the novel developments in social response to ever-accelerating change? What do these signposts tell us about the world we are entering?

They’re everywhere! Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have done some amazing work with formation flying drones (make sure to check out the obstacle avoidance at the end). Smarter flying […]

What a year it’s been! Starting with the little things, the Prevail Project itself has been active for about a year, running in stealth mode for most of that time. […]

Robert Carr at the New Geography has a fascinating article on the growth of industrial robots, and the people keeping an eye over the phenomenon. In brief, in some industries […]

Anybody who’s paying attention will note that these are unsettled times, from the Arab spring, to youth demonstrations in Spain, Israel, and now Occupy Wallstreet. Via Kevin Kelly who cites […]