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  1. I think it’s both, making social media a good example of a technology that’s “not good nor bad, nor is it neutral.”

    Just as a good swathe of the world is discovering the wonders of republican forms of government, the consensus in favor of them is swiftly unraveling – or at least getting mighty threadbare – in much of the First World. We’re tiredly welcoming our panoptic overlords with the same tools that democratic activists are using to overthrow their old-school tyrants.

    It’s interesting to watch social media at play in our own unrests: #OccupyWallStreet would be an ongoing non-event were it left to mainstream media, and Twitter definitely shaped the Spring’s protests at the Wisconsin Capitol.

    As with economic development, with political development the first steps are, if not easy, clear. It’s once later generations shed the yeoman virtues of the founders that freely-chosen tyranny becomes a real option.

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