DARPA Is Developing Tiny Implants That Trigger Self-Healing

What do you think? Are big Pharmaceuticals going to let this little neuromodulatory device break into their market – the human body and mind? Would you be more likely to use a device that senses problems and then sends out tailored electrical impulses to populations of nerves that help the body heal itself using your own bodily systems rather than drugs?


Intelligent robots will overtake humans

In his book “The Singularity in Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” published in 2005, the author Ray Kurzwell imagines that in a not too far future machines will replace humans. The process – according to the perspective of the book – will happen by means of intelligent computers, that will overtake human by 2029.

Beyond a novel: a realistic scientific prediction

Jurzwell’s book describes intelligent computers as more than a simple fantasy. They are really expected to overtake humans by 2100: this is what Bill Hibbard is a computer scientist who studies and knows very well what a machine is and how it works. Bill Hibbard agrees with Kurzwell’s theory about the human-level intelligence that some time in the next century computers will have.

This doesn’t mean that humans will disappear from the world all of a sudden: it simply means that humans will coexist with computers that are more and more intelligent, working better and more and improving production in all fields.

Machines today: on the way to future

This is what we can see every day: the use of machines improves the productivity in the agricultural field.

However, how long will the world last this way? This is also a hot issue for most scientists who are particularly concerned with robotics and computer science. There are a few people who think that the presence of computers and robots in a massive level will finally lead to the final catastrophe and death of the Earth.

Anyways, today machines and automatic systems are nearly everywhere and they can help us pretty well doing things once we couldn’t absolutely do.

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Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em: How Super Bananas may Just Save the Starving and the Overweight

Vitamin A has long been recognized as a major contributing factor to healthy skin and staving off infectious diseases – but can it cure type 2 diabetes? Can bio-engineered super bananas save lives?

Professor James Dale is leading a project at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) that has received $10 million dollars in funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The idea – called a fortification project – uses genetic engineering to increase the nutritional value of select banana crops. After hundreds of permutations and testing in field trials in Brisbane as well as plans for concurrent trials in Uganda while the first U.S. human trial begins, Professor Dale states the most high-performing genes have been taken to Uganda and used for the crops slated for the U.S. Super Banana trials.


Why Uganda? The East Africa cooking banana is commonly prepared by being chopped and steamed. However its frequency as a staple meal in East Africa combined with its low levels of micronutrients, particularly iron and vitamin A, contribute to the worldwide vitamin A deficiency, taking the lives of 650,000 to 700,000 children annually.

While Professor Dale’s study reveals good evidence that a vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness, impaired immune system and poor brain health, Daniel-Constantin Manolescu and researches at the University of Montreal are finding that a vitamin A derivative may also be the key to treating type 2 diabetes by preventing certain cardiovascular complications.

You may say, "Hey, this is great for those vitamin deficient kids in Uganda, but I'm an American with debt and kids and I'd sooner eat a bowl of lemons than worry about whether or not I'm going to get type 2 diabetes"

You may say, “Hey, this is great for those vitamin deficient kids in Uganda, but I’m an American who can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods anymore than I can afford the free time to worry about whether or not I’m going to get type 2 diabetes”

Well, here’s the thing. Just last week the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) released data implicating an alarming trend in the increasing number of American’s suffering from diabetes. At the rate we’re going now, 1 in 5 will have type 2 diabetes in 2025, 1 in 3 by 2050.

When I stopped smoking cigarettes so that my husband and I could start a family, I vowed that one day, many years into my future, if I received a terminal diagnosis, I would light up again and die, Richard Pryor style, with a cigarette on my death bed.


Granted, that seemed like a great idea before I brought people onto this planet, and now that is likely not my plan, but I still face threats of impending doom with much the same attitude. “2025? 2050? Who cares? I’ll be old by then, probably have lots of problems – its inevitable.”

But you know who won’t be old then? My kids. I have two. If the CDC is predicting that 1 in 3 people will have type 2 diabetes by 2050, and I have made 2 people – odds are one of my children will be affected by type 2 diabetes in this statistic. And that pisses me off.

All the time I hear law students and people at work huddled around the proverbial water cooler to disparage genetically modified foods (GMO’s). They aren’t safe, they’re being made for profit not for health reasons, they’re unnatural. You know what’s natural? Death. You know what’s human nature? The desire to survive, to thrive whenever we can. To save the lives of others and contribute to the world with compassion.

Scientists like Professor Dale, and Daniel-Constantin Manolescu devote their lives to studying ways in which vitamins effect our health and how we can use that information to prolong healthy lives. The combat against the CDC’s statistics has got to start somewhere, and I think these scientists are doing their part to contribute to a future where my kids might stand a better chance at living a diabetes-free life.

It is not my intention to say that I blindly condone GMO’s. But I do encourage our readers to take stock of what the CDC’s  statistics on type 2 diabetes really mean for the future of your families, and what the global impact of  biofortification could mean to children in third world countries.

There is no irony wasted on me that this Vitamin A research feeds those that are dying of malnutrition, and treats those that are dying from over-consuming. Whether you address this issue by adjusting your personal diet, conducting your own research, or lighting up a smoke and conceding that diabetes and the fate of third world children are the least threatening consequence of your lifestyle choices – tune in.

Keep an ear out for the Super Bananas of Uganda, and the trials going on in the U.S. this year.

And the next time you are at your doctor’s office  – ask about your blood sugar – ensure you are not in the 25% of people who do not even realize they have diabetes.

What's Up Doc?

What’s Up Doc?


Amy Purdy May Feel “Only Human,” but Clearly She is So Much More

It’s not every day you see a piece about dance that includes the phrases:

* ” ‘We have Wonder Woman in this room, I’m telling you!’ gushed Bruno Tonioli, one of the show’s judges.”

* “Bio-mechanical engineers will tell you transcendence is here already.  Bionics is not only about making people stronger and faster, says Herr: Our expression, our humanity can       be embedded into biomechanics.’ ”


*  “Bodies are temporary; dreams don’t have to be. It’s not science fiction: As Purdy and Hough and other resilient innovators show us, transcendence is within reach of all of us.”

Amy Purdy is a double amputee.  A competition snow boarder, she lost her legs and nearly her life to meningitis at age 19.  Yet on May 21st, she came in second on “Dancing With the Stars” with her bionic legs and indomitable artistry.  She was clearly the crowd favorite to win it all.

How should we feel about this cyborg in our midst?

Amy Purdy

Perhaps Sarah Kaufman got it eloquently right in The Washington Post: “Amy Purdy’s bionic grace on ‘Dancing With the Stars ” April 11, 2014.

The core issue is not whether or not she is augmented.  The question is whether the technology she’s embraced has made her more or less human.  Yes, she proudly calls herself a “fembot.” But, as Kaufman writes, “She has more honest expression in her body than the other contestants have with their full complement of fleshy parts….  The poignancy, emotion and beauty of her dancing can leave you breathless.”


“I am not my legs,” says Purdy.
“We are such stuffs as dreams are made on,” wrote Shakespeare.


See her dance to “I Am Only Human” and see if you don’t find yourself reach for the Kleenex:

amy purdy dancing

Watch Amy Purdy Dancing to “I Am Only Human” on Dancing with the Stars.

Eat Your Carrots: How DARPA and the U.S. Military are Prevailing on Behalf of Soldiers’ Mental Health Care

Brain implants could ease growing PTSD epidemic among US service members

I’ve got to tell you – when I hear “DARPA” and “US Military” in the same sentence, I tend to think two things: 1) Well, this is going to involve millions of dollars, and 2) I bet my husband would read this article and have fun things to tell me about it tonight over a whiskey.

You may be wondering what kind of show we’re running here at the Prevail Project when we choose to come out of almost 2 years of dead air with a woman calling DARPA boring and admitting that she has her husband do her “heavy reading” for her.

Consider me the Prevail Project den mother. Consider me a realist. I’m in my last year of law school. I am a writer, and I often take issue with authority. I have 2 grade school age children and a very bright husband who sometimes does me the honor of acting as my operating system – providing a stable consistent way for me to deal with certain subjects without having to know all the details. When I saw what Joel Garreau was trying to do with the Prevail Project it was like the first sight of a living breathing thing stepping into my dormant legal education. I committed myself to the project immediately.

In my refusal to pay for University parking, my time with you may be dictated by factors beyond my control; such as my children’s bedtime or whether the schizophrenic mathematician is having an internal or external debate with herself at my neighborhood Starbucks where I drink Americanos and broadcast my brainwaves over the WI-fI to your curious little eyeballs. This is OK though, a former therapist assured me that the more demands one has upon their time the more efficient one becomes – less time for self-doubt and verbosity.

Verbosity… this brings me back to my point about DARPA and the Military. I simply do not have the time and or attention span to read about everything that pertains to my future or the pursuit of my happiness. Neither do most of you.

Too many authors are verbose, identifying themselves through their interpretation of current events – under the guise of objectivity – alienating too great of an audience with high word counts and the use of terms that must be Googled to be understood.

Of course, authors do not intend to separate themselves from their readership. On the contrary, the goal is to unite, to form and feed the connection between author and reader, and then foster that connection among readers who will ultimately discuss the work with others. The fatal flaw in the work of many writers (I am no exception) is that after spending an obsessive amount of time researching her subject du jour, with the noble intention of bringing the information to the masses, the author finds herself setting a table for a seven course meal when the reader is just trying to grab something to go.

I acknowledge how valuable your time is, and I thank you for visiting the Prevail Project. If you are here, you are interested in saving the human race and your contribution will not be measure by your time commitment.

If you want to spend hours reading and researching ways in which we can face forward – technology in tow – and address our future with a commanding presence instead of a suspenseful wince, GREAT! We’ve been looking for you! You should be a writer for the Prevail Project! Send me a message and we’ll get you established.

HOWEVER, if you only have 3 minutes to read something because you’re on the toilet, or in the middle of class –GREAT! Let me take this moment to validate you (Good Job!). This is a perfectly valuable way to take in information, and this is how we want to communicate with out readership so that we can remain connected, accessible and – dare I say – enjoyable.

I read Joel Garreau’s book “Radical Evolution,” while my husband is reading Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s “Flow.” We may have an exchange at the dinner table highlighting something we found interesting, but kids interrupt, dogs beg, 9 p.m. rolls around sooner than expected and no one has made it to the gym.

Yet, every once in a while,  the kids get to bed on time, I get to the gym, and at 9 p.m. I am having a cocktail with my husband and we are discussing how Csikszentmihalyi’s theory on controlling one’s ability to have a genuinely satisfying experience and total involvement with life pertains to Garreau’s belief in humankind’s ability to shape technology’s impact on human nature and society in largely unpredictable ways. This conversation can happen anywhere – it can last 3 minutes or 3 hours – Here at the Prevail Project, we just want to be part of that conversation.

As for DARPA and the US Military, my husband told me they are using the same deep brain stimulation used in Parkinson’s treatment to help soldiers with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. I read some more and found that they are not treating PTSD just yet, rather implanting a tiny device within the skull that is capable of recording patterns of interaction among brain regions known to be involved in mental illness. The hope is that electrodes would record neurological data, and then the device could be programmed to deliver tailored therapy to the brain.

Joel Garreau would say that this is nothing new for DARPA, whose project managers tend to seek out challenges verging on impossible. Clearly, slipping electrodes into the human brain is a pretty significant endeavor – and it’s not that far out in the future. What are the cultural implications of this information, today? I see one of the nation’s boldest research institutions and the US Military acknowledging mental illness on an engaging and proactive level not typical of how this country deals with mental illness.

Whenever I put vegetables on my 5 year-old’s plate he freezes up and refuses to eat anything until I remove the offensive vegetable. Now I tell him, “Don’t think about the carrots right now, eat the parts of your dinner you like, and we’ll get to the carrots later.” As a result he has been able to redirect his focus, finish his dinner and sometimes he eats a carrot.

That little bit about researchers slipping a tiny chip into human brains, those are the carrots on your plate. Look past that for now. You will see how great it is that our nation is beginning to acknowledge mental illness in a meaningful way. Celebrities such as Glen Close and Ron Howard participate in an origination called “Bring Change 2 Mind” which works to being an end to discrimination and the stigmatization of mental illness.

I can hear Joel’s voice in my head now, “And how does this relate to the Prevail Project?”

Well, I recently re-watched Donny Darko the other day, an amazing film about time travel and mental illness which addresses the relevance of the workings of brains we have labeled “mentally ill” when we open ourselves up to consider realities outside of this dimension.

Stephen Hawking said, “Evolution has ensured that our brains just aren’t equipped to visualize 11 dimensions directly. However, from a purely mathematical point of view it’s just as easy to think in 11 dimensions, as it is to think in three or four.”

I’m not suggesting we consider any particular dimension, but I do think it’s valuable to note that in the past, society has been quick to diagnose and segregate that which is considered mental illness, when today we could potentially explore and learn from it – with technology.

By allowing ourselves to consider alternative dimensions, by focusing on the benefits to our society that will come from taking a more conspicuous interest in the workings of mental illness, we as a culture can recognize the ways in which parts of the future we have long awaited are, in fact, happening right now.

Technology is not happening to us, mad scientists are not conspiring to put chips into the brains of soldiers to one day control their minds (are they?) – Rather our society is using technology to bring mental illness to the forefront.

This needs to be happening now.

Mental illness has been linked to mass shootings and bombings in our country over the past few years alone, a serious cultural concern. The back burner of any forward thinking engineer’s project is almost always bubbling over with, “What if this technology gets into the hands of some mad man?”

With all of the effort scientists and engineers are putting into technological developments that could wield unprecedented dangers if they fall into the wrong hands, is it such a strange idea that we as a society start taking some interest in mental health?

DARPA and the US Military are doing just that – using technology to better understand the mental functioning of damaged brains in the hopes of make observations previously unknown to man. Now that sounds fun. Eat your carrots.

Surprising Social Media Tricks To Try

Social media channels have undoubtedly turned into some of the most inspired choices when it comes to quickly sharing news, events, information, and content online. Business managers can therefore make the most of these tools to boost the social media presence of their companies and small firms, increase their rates of engagement and constantly attract brand new visitors/customers/clients/prospects. Here are several smart social media tricks that should help you get a move on.

Make The Most Of Your FB Compliments

In other words, take advantage of the compliments your Facebook fans are writing and let the whole world see them. Avoid having positive feedback and comments be hidden by the Recent Posts by Others option. Use the Activity Log under All Activity and select the Posts by Others option. Make sure the pencil-shaped icon located to the right of the post is clicked and the Allowed on page option is properly checked. That should do the trick!

Use The Power Of Instagram

Use Instagram to discover whether your customers are sharing photos taken right inside the location of your business venue. Get to know which are the features your customers appreciate most about your business. You can also use the following trick: take some photos of your business headquarters, edit them and turn the Add to Photo Map option on when asked. Tap on the Name this Location option and share the photos. You will this way get to see all the Instagram photos that have been tagged with your location. Use this information to better engage with your customers just like you can use this link here www.lotteryplanet.org/EuroJackpot to look at the size of the current EuroJackpot lottery price and engage in buying your inline lottery tickets for the upcoming draw. Register and you will enjoy a 1+1 free welcome bonus deal, just like you could enjoy additional customers and prospects attracted by your existing Instagram photo posting clients.


Road Safety Tips For Commercial Drivers

No matter what sort of a vehicle you might be driving, road safety is an imperative must. Maintaining a high degree of driving awareness and knowing and fully complying with all the set of road safety rules and regulations of the place you are in are mandatory. Driving a truck triggers even more risks as commercial drivers often times confront with harsh weather, other motored vehicle drivers on the road, and wildlife perils. They need to pay attention to their heavy loads, large rigs, and so often dangerous cargo. It is needless to say that even the slightest error could lead to some unwanted repercussions. Here are a few useful tips that should help commercial drivers stay on the safe side.

Tips That Could Make A Difference

When signaling, do it early when approaching intersections. This way, you will make sure that he rest of drivers will understand your intention of changing your direction in the traffic. Minimize your lane changing as much as possible; because of the large number of blind spots a truck has, it is recommended to check the side mirrors every 10 seconds the least. Keep your cool and patience at all times and avoid tailgating. Keep the right space between you and the vehicle in front of you on the road, as most truck accidents occur because of tailgating. Have a set of have tire chains on you at all times and keep the windows closed if you need to idle so you can avoid being exposed to fumes. If you want to be exposed to some nice gains, on the other hand, you can visit site pages of the LadbrokesPartners and find out everything about their latest promotions and affiliate programs. Make sure you have plenty of time and also space to slow down and completely stop the truck. Always use your brake lights at an early stage of the process.


Choosing the Best Dance School

Whether it’s taking your child along to their very first dance lessons, or trying to choose a dance school which will elevate your career in dance, there are a few choices which need to be made in order to ensure you pick the right place for you or your child.

Of course as one of the worlds renowned dance centers, we are obviously biased towards the Broadway Dance Center as a top choice, however there are points you need to consider whether you choose to dance with us or not.

Although everything is online these days, from dance and theatre schools to bingo and casinos, it’s not wise to merely choose based on the website or online review. Unlike choosing the best bingo site, dance schools are more than just about striking websites with flash offers and good reviews on comparison sites. Whilst these things are definitely all positives, and you should keep online reviews in mind, you should also be paying a visit to the school to meet the faculty and see the facilities for yourself (which is obviously you can’t do with a bingo site!).

This gives you an idea of what you or your child will get to experience – especially if you visit during term or when a class is on. Even if it’s outside of class hours, you can still get a look at the quality of facilities, see how the timetable pads out and talk to some staff for reassurances and recommendations. If you can, make a point of going to see a production or display too, as again this will give you an idea of what you’d be working towards and what would be expected of you.

It also pays to do a little research into the achievements of the school or alumni. Has the school or its staff won any relevant awards? Is the school highly acclaimed? If the alumni have gone on to greater things whether in the state or overseas, this has a positive impact on what you can expect to achieve once you have studied at the school.

These are just a few of the things you should bear in mind when choosing a dance school. There are other things to consider depending on your personal preferences, including location, budgets and scholarships. However the above are the main things to take into account, regardless of personal circumstance, in order to ensure you get the best out of your dance school.

What Does It Take To Be A Wizards of the Coast Brand Manager?

For starters, you would be working for the largest publisher of adventure games on the planet, so that’s definitely a huge plus on your resume. Secondly, you could become a brand manager for the Magic Marketing team or some other marketing enthusiasts responsible for the advertising side of our company. At the moment, we are in need for a Brand Manager of our Magic: The Gathering Online game that was released in 2002 and which has quickly turned into the most popular trading card game in the world. Do you have what it takes to manage such a brand? Find out now!


What Will Your Key Responsibilities Be?

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The Importance Of Good Publicity For Casino Hotels

Hotel casinos pay special attention to planning their promotional events that attract more guests interested in gambling in their top casinos. While cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City should have no trouble attracting passionate players from all corners of the world willing to spend a few nights there and gamble non-stop, cities that are not traditionally known for their gambling features need a little extra work. Having someone to handle their PR needs and professionally managing their advertising and promotional activities is mandatory and our team is here to cater to your every need. We encourage you to get in touch with us whether you need general counseling or practical step-by-step guidance in terms of promotional event planning, Public Relations and everything else that can help you make your venue known, heard of, and visited.


The Role Of A Promotions Coordinator

The advertising and promotional events a casino hotel need to plan well ahead need to be managed by a promotions coordinator along with the hotel manager and other specialists such as the PR and entertainment, advertising, marketing, and special events managers. The promotions coordinator needs to work together with all possible media outlets, including online and offline media and get the right interviews, cover stories, publicity, photo opportunities and any other form of advertising possible. Press releases also often times fall into the hands of these professionals; wanting to use a famous athlete or actor passionate about poker or some other form of gambling to attract more players to one’s hotel-casino facility is an idea that has often times been used by many popular casinos worldwide. Having their image be associated with that of a world-known celebrity figure is prone to create a great deal of publicity around them.


A lottery game like EuroJackpot online on the other hand can use different types of promotional strategies to attract more players. The managers of this lottery game can also associate their brand with a known public figure or another popular brand or they can focus on the size of their constant jackpots – huge players’ magnets. EuroJackpot for example is currently featuring a 10 million Euros jackpot which is often times reason enough for many European players to purchase their tickets on a weekly basis – without any need for the game to be promoted a great deal. With so many excellent online venues like LotteryMaster where tickets can be bought online, the simplicity in playing the game and buying tickets from the comfort of one’s home are enough to keep players excited.